Most of our tours start in Munich, and it’s not hard to see why. As Germany’s ‘Gateway to the Alps’, Munch’s unique geographic position places it within striking distance of many of the Austrian and Swiss driving highlights we feature on our tours. 

But more than that, Bavaria’s capital is a destination in its own right; a vibrant city where the traditional rubs shoulders with the modern. It’s home to some of history’s greatest architecture – with marvels such as Nymphenburg Palace and the Rathaus (Town Hall) gracing the heart of the city – as well as an enviable up-market, pedestrian-only shopping quarter that winds its way through the middle of the old town.  

It also gives a nod to the humblest of buildings, but one that is no less important: the beer hall. Munich is home to some of the world’s greatest breweries, which despite their enormous output, still comply with Germany’s stringent purity laws. If beer isn’t your thing, there’s plenty for you too. The city also offers a variety of local restaurant and bar precincts, each with their own distinctive flavour – not to mention locals who take advantage of any excuse to don their traditional Lederhosen. 

Motoring enthusiasts will also find much to love about Munich. BMW’s headquarters is only a short subway ride from the Altstadt (the old town) and houses the world-class BMW museum and a massive display of all current and soon-to-be-released BMW models, along with Minis, Rolls Royces and motorcycles. 

We love this city and can’t wait to show it off to you! To see which itineraries start in Munich, take a look at the tours listed below: