About Us

James hails from Sydney, Australia and now calls Bavaria his second home. His first driving experience across Germany and the Alps was in 1994 in a Mark 3 VW Golf. He’s been hooked on touring the roads of Western Europe ever since.  

James’ specialty is assembling tours based on the most scenic and rewarding roads in the region – everything from iconic locations like the Stelvio Pass and the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, to lesser-known local back roads that are just as memorable. 

Having driven the Alps and Germany extensively for over 20 years, James wanted to share his passion with motoring enthusiasts from around the world, so he founded Alps & Autobahns with Anna, his life and business partner.

Born and raised in Warsaw, Anna loved to travel from a very young age and explored Europe whenever she had a chance. After graduating from university, she moved to America and then Australia, working in high-end hotels and iconic restaurants along the way, growing her passion for fine food and exclusive resorts.  

As our Client Experience Expert, Anna combines a customer-focused mindset with an extensive knowledge of gastronomy and hospitality. She ensures our tours are designed to meet the needs of both passionate drivers and their passengers.

James and Anna’s diverse yet complementary backgrounds come together to make your journey exciting but relaxing, adventurous but safe, carefree but also well-considered. James picks the best roads for you to enjoy in your dream car, while Anna ensures you have the most unique and authentic experiences once the car engine is turned off. This is what we are committed to at Alps & Autobahns – a business grown through drive, passion and a love for travel. 

We look forward to sharing it with you!

Anna, James & the Team 

Alps & Autobahns

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