Who We Are

Alps & Autobahns specialises in fully planned, self-drive holidays. We’ll book your luxury hotels and deliver your dream car right to your doorstep, with your selected route loaded into the navigation unit. All you have to do is turn up in the city where your chosen itinerary starts, get behind the wheel and make some memories. Let us take care of the rest!

It’s the ultimate end-to-end touring experience: unforgettable drives combined with an authentic taste of what each region has to offer.

An Authentic Experience

This is no cookie-cutter holiday. Our itineraries have been personally designed over countless journeys to make the most of Western Europe’s dramatic scenery and phenomenal roads. We take the greatest pleasure in leading you to those hidden gems: the restaurant off the beaten track that serves mouth-watering local delicacies, the deserted alpine B-road that will leave you grinning from ear to ear, or the hidden boutique spa that gets it just right.  


Our Cars

At Alps & Autobahns, we’re passionate about European performance marques. While our specialty is offering the latest models from Porsche, Ferrari and  Lamborghini, we’re also committed to providing all our customers with the widest possible choice of vehicles. Our range includes a diverse fleet of European supercars, including high performance convertibles and coupes, and the ultimate in luxury autobahn cruisers.

Itineraries- Luxury in the car and out

Along with creating the ultimate driving holiday, we are passionate about giving you an authentic experience once the car engine is turned off. This means staying at the Europe’s finest spa resorts, indulging in culinary adventures, taking in the region’s culture and experiencing lesser-known attractions throughout Western Europe. 

Destination highlights

If you enjoy touring with an automotive flavour, Western Europe has no rival. From purpose-built motoring meccas such as Italy’s Stelvio Pass or the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, to enthralling mountain passes, there’s rarely a place without a strip of tarmac worth exploring.   Delight your senses with the pristine peaks of the Alps, the charming wine regions of France, the jagged summits of the Dolomites, the enchanting castles of Bavaria, and the alluring Italian lakes of Como, Garda and Maggiore. The list is endless. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the tour price?  All prices are for 2 travellers in one car and include car rental with comprehensive insurance, accommodation, breakfast daily, 24/7 support, end-to-end navigation, and a comprehensive tourbook. For a complete, detailed list of inclusions, please see our terms & conditions page.

Can I customise my self-drive tour?  If one of our meticulously designed tours isn’t what you’re looking for, drop us a line and we can create customised European driving tours just for you. We can make our existing itineraries shorter, longer, add rest days or create diversions to visit long lost European relatives. We especially enjoy adding leisure components, such as golf days, and fine dining packages to complement our existing itineraries. You name it; chances are we can do it!  

Do you cater for corporate events or groups?  If you’re organising a corporate event or group tour, Alps & Autobahns can tailor every aspect of your experience, from airport transfers at your selected destination to the most appropriate vehicle selection and mix. We’ll make sure you travel the most suitable roads for group touring and thoroughly plan all aspects of your routing and hotel stays.  

Do your tours feature Germany’s autobahn network?  If you’ve been longing to unleash your dream supercar and explore its limits on long, open stretches of motorway, then you’ll be pleased to know most of our tours feature unrestricted sections of the Germany’s famous autobahn network. 

Can I base myself in one location for the duration of my trip?  If you would rather base yourself in one of Europe’s most luxurious spa hotels while we organise the best possible driving day trips for you, we have several focus destinations across Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

How many guests are included in your standard tour prices? All pricing presented on the website is for 2 guests. If you prefer to travel solo or would like to bring additional guests in the same vehicle and share the one room, please let us know and we will provide you with a revised tour price.

Do I need an international drivers license? The simple answer is yes. There are slight variations in requirements across European countries for  drivers holding licenses in English. However, the official requirement in almost all countries is an international drivers license accompanied by your original, country of residence issued license.

Is hotel parking included in the tour price? Yes, all parking at included tour hotels is included.

Is fuel included in the tour price? No, fuel is to be purchased by the touring guests. All vehicles will be supplied with a full tank of fuel and, as part of all standard rental agreements, are required to be returned with a full tank.