Many credit BMW with pioneering the concept of taking a precisely engineered, day-to-day car then adding engine and chassis upgrades to create practical vehicles with a focused, performance character.  
Today, BMW still sets the luxury sports benchmark. The manufacturer’s M line-up has something for most performance car aficionados, from the masculine stance of the M2, to the velvetgloved aggression of the twin turbo-charged M3 and M4, or the thumping V8 of the current M5. 

We offer:

The benchmark in mid-size German performance is at home effortlessly devouring autobahn miles as it is tackling the twists and curves of the alpine high country.


The twin turbo 6 provides all the power and thrills of its M3 twin, but in a curvaceous coupe body. Still practical but with a slightly elevated sense of theatre, this 2 door backs up its looks with its remarkable performance capabilities.


The understated lines of the M240i convertible conceal a raucous turbocharged 335 horsepower engine, making it equally ideal to cruise the crisp air of the Alps or whip down an unrestricted section of German Autobahn.

BMW M240i Cabriolet

The convertible version of the M4 provides all the thrills of its fixed top stablemate, all while allowing you to bask in the fresh mountain air of the Alps.

BMW M4 Cabriolet

The roadster version of the i8 offers a retractable roof for those who prefer their sustainable supercar driving to be more in touch with the alpine elements.

BMW i8 Roadster

The latest iteration of the original super saloon boasts prodigious power combined with unparalleled dynamic poise.


The most luxurious of BMW’s coupes rivals supercar performances – all while cosseting both driver and passenger in the finest luxury sports cabin the BMW range has to offer.


BMW’s first ‘supercar’ since the mighty M1 of the 1970s, the dramatic i8 is not only a stunning piece of automotive art and technology but a leading-edge, dynamic driving experience.

BMW i8

With 365 horsepower in a svelte, muscular package, the most compact of the M cars is the perfect choice for tackling the flowing forest roads and passes of the Alps.