Alps& Autobahns is a trading name of Ostpowl Pty Ltd (‘we’). These conditions form part of the contract between the person making the booking (‘you’) or (‘participant’), who is acting on behalf of everyone named on the booking, and Ostpowl Pty Ltd. The contract comes into existence when we issue a receipt for a paid deposit or full payment. Please check all details carefully and advise us immediately of any errors.

Securing your booking

Once you have decided on the tour you’d like to take, use the enquiry form on this website to specify your preferred vehicle, travel dates and include any questions, special requirements or customisations you might be interested in.

Upon receiving your enquiry, we will check availability and pricing with our partner suppliers, then respond to you with a confirmed quote. Once we receive an email confirming your decision to proceed, we will respond with a formal confirmation email, including the invoice, detailed itinerary and a link to our secure payment webpage.

A non-refundable, minimum holding deposit of 25% of the website quoted tour cost or €1000 per tour (whichever is higher) is required on booking. Payments can be made via bank transfer or the secure online payment link provided at the time of booking. Your booking is not confirmed as held until the deposit is paid in full.

The remaining balance of the payment for the tour is due no later than 60 days prior to commencement of the tour. If you are making a booking within 60 days of the tour commencement date, full payment is required at the time of your booking.

On notification of the full payment receipt by our banking credit card handler, the tour booking will be confirmed as paid in total.

Should you fail to pay the balance when it becomes due we will treat your booking as cancelled by you and the deposit will be forfeited.

Pricing policy

All pricing shown on Alps &Autobahns website and in our brochures is in Euros and includes all pertinent value added and/or sales taxes of the applicable sovereign countries.

Price Inclusions

Tour prices are in Euros and include:

  • Overnight accommodation including breakfasts at the hotel(s) specified in your tour itinerary
  • The hire of the vehicle of your choice, including full comprehensive insurances (loss, theft and damage liability insurance) covering the vehicle and third parties
  • Delivery and collection of your chosen vehicle
  • Hotel parking charges
  • A complete touring pack that includes a comprehensive road-book, pre- programmed GPS/Google Maps, and other relevant destination and touring information
  • Detailed maps of the regions to be toured.

Alps & Autobahns reserves the right to amend prices at any time prior to a booking being confirmed due to unforeseen availability constraints.

Please note that each car is subject to an individual franchise deposit at the time of vehicle delivery (an amount held against a credit card only) and in the case of any damage or loss, the initial excess will be deducted from this deposit. Any further lawful costs will be covered by the insurances outlined in this document.

The rental also includes all kilometres required to complete the itinerary of the purchased tour. Additionally, Ostpowl Pty Ltd will provide a minimum of a further 50 kilometres to enable you to enjoy any attractions or venues beyond the established tour itinerary that you may wish to visit. Where you exceed the tour kilometre allowance you will be charged an additional fee per kilometre. This is in accordance with the terms and conditions of our car rental partners.

What is Not Included:

  • Any flights, transfers or transport to the nominated vehicle pick-up hotel or otherwise agreed pick-up site, unless specifically stated in individual itinerary inclusions.
  • Travel and/or medical insurance.
  • Gasoline/fuel for the vehicle.
  • City and regional taxes
  • Individual road tolls.
  • Meals or refreshments, other than breakfasts.
  • Any additional 3rd party tours or excursions.

Booking Customisation

Our standardised tours are all customisable depending on your needs and desires. We can lengthen, shorten, change the class of or specific hotels listed, provide more or less exotic vehicles not necessarily listed, or re-route to include any specific sites or locations that might be on your wish list. Customers should note that customisation may incur additional fees and/or charges beyond the listed cost of standardised tours. 

Alps & Autobahns also provide a range of 3rd party tours and excursions. These are charged in addition to the standard tour price.

If you cancel or change your tour

If you or any member of your party cancel your confirmed tour, in writing, at any time, Ostpowl Pty Ltd will retain the tour deposit and, in addition, will apply cancellation fees as a percentage of the total tour price invoiced, in line with the schedule outlined below:

Cancellation notice given:

  • up to 60 days prior to tour commencement date – deposit only
  • up to 30 days prior to tour commencement date 50% of booking total charged.
  • 30 days or less prior to tour commencement date 100% of booking total charged.

If you have no option but to cancel due to extenuating circumstances, you may, with no less than 15 days notice, transfer your booking to a third party who satisfies the conditions required to undertake the tour being transferred. However, Ostpowl Pty Ltd will retain your deposit to cover the costs of undertaking the transfer and the full tour price will be payable by the transferees.

If Ostpowl Pty Ltd issues a Credit Note for use at a later date, the validity of the Credit Note is for 2 years from the date of issue. All Credit Notes are issued exclusively at the discretion of Ostpowl Pty Ltd.

If you elect to change your selected tour dates any time after payment of the deposit, Ostpowl Pty Ltd will take all reasonable measures to fulfil the change request. While we will do everything possible to make the requested amendments, additional fees may be incurred for booking changes and Ostpowl Pty Ltd reserves the right to reclaim these costs from you.

If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges.

If we cancel or change your tour

It is unlikely that Ostpowl Pty Ltd will have to change or cancel your booking after it has been confirmed. However, as arrangements are often made many months in advance and we have no direct control over some of the products we feature, amendments are, on occasion, unavoidable. In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control that amount to ‘force majeure’, we reserve the right to modify or cancel your tour, or a component of your tour.

Most changes are minor and we will advise you of these as soon as possible. Minor changes include a change of accommodation to another of the same standard and car type to another of the same standard.

Major changes include a change of accommodation to a lower standard or to a different hotel than booked or cancellation by our supplier due to any reason.

If such circumstances do arise, Ostpowl Pty Ltd will inform you as soon as the changes are known and should these changes alter the nature of the tour, provide you with the choice of an alternative tour or the right to a full refund.

if you choose a more expensive alternative you will have to pay the difference; if less expensive we will refund the difference. If we cancel your booking for any reason other than force majeure or because you failed to pay on time, you will be entitled to a full refund.


You undertake the tour or event entirely at your own risk and Ostpowl Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for any misadventure or injuries to you, your guests or any third parties. Additionally, Ostpowl Pty Ltd will not be liable to compensate you for any damage or loss of enjoyment in respect of your tour if the damage or loss was a result of your actions or could have been reasonably foreseen. In any resulting damage or loss, including loss of enjoyment, the maximum liability will not greater than the tour price.

Ostpowl Pty Ltd, its employees, independent contractors, suppliers and any person acting on behalf of Ostpowl Pty Ltd accept no responsibility for damage or loss to property or person howsoever caused.

Third party terms and conditions

Any information provided by Ostpowl Pty Ltd is done so with the understanding that the information may have been provided by a third party and should therefore only be used as a guideline. Ostpowl Pty Ltd use third party suppliers or providers of some services and products and as such acts as agents for those. Any claim or liability resulting from those services or products is the responsibility of the supplier or provider.

If there is no link on our website to the terms and conditions of third parties, this does not imply that our terms and conditions supersede those. We are not able to list all of our providers terms and conditions. However, on confirmation of your booking, Ostpowl Pty Ltd will endeavour to provide you with all relevant third party information we feel you should be aware of, although it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure you are comfortable with these terms.

Safety Precautions and the Use of Alcohol

As our tours are self-drive in nature, it is essential that clients adhere to the drink driving laws of the country they are touring. It is your responsibility to ensure you adhere to these laws.

The use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited and seat belts must be worn by all vehicle occupants at all times whilst the hire car is in motion. Participants are solely responsible for their own conduct and any infringements of road traffic regulations will be forwarded from Ostpowl Pty Ltd to the participant and the participant’s address will be disclosed to the authority issuing the infringement.

Car rental

Ostpowl Pty Ltd is limited to the payment of and securing of the rental and insurance portion of the vehicle hire. The value of the remaining insurance excess is vehicle specific and in the event of a claim is payable by you to the car rental company. Any other insurance costs are to be settled directly with the car rental supplier. Any other costs incurred by the renter are the sole responsibility of the renter. A full set of terms and conditions for each car rental contract is available on request.

Ostpowl Pty Ltd retain the right to make changes to the car hire chosen in circumstances outside of our control. In the unlikely circumstances that an alternative method or car is required, Ostpowl Pty Ltd will source a method or vehicle of a similar standard to those stated in your original booking.

Drivers Licence

The following national drivers’ licenses are accepted for participants nominated as drivers:

  • EU driving licenses
  • National driving licenses from non-EU countries accompanied by an International Driver’s License or a certified English translation. An International Driver’s License is only valid when accompanied by a valid national driving license.

All drivers must be at least 25 years of age on the commencement date of their tour, or the minimum age otherwise stated on the vehicle specific rental agreement.

You will not be entitled to participate in an Alps & Autobahns tour if you have been officially banned from driving in the country of licensing or are unable to produce a valid driving license. In the case of this occurring, the tour price shall not be refunded.

Travel insurance

It is a condition of undertaking an Ostpowl Pty Ltd tour that all participants have taken out adequate travel insurance. We take no responsibility for any injuries or loss to you incurred whilst you are taking part in any of our tours. We require that you take out comprehensive insurance that includes cover for cancellations, medical expenses, personal accident and baggage, car rental excess and personal liability prior to commencement of your tour. Tours organized by Ostpowl Pty Ltd do not include insurance covering travel cancellation and/or non-rental vehicle related accident insurance. Tour participants are solely responsible for their participation in leisure activities and should inspect any facilities, equipment and vehicles prior to use.

Passports, visas, other national entry requirements

All tour participants are responsible for ensuring that they have an in-force passport with 6 months validity remaining, hold relevant visas for countries on their selected tour’s schedule and comply with these countries health and customs entry regulations.

Required Documents

Copies of the following documents must be provided no later than 14 days to the tour commencement date by all the participants:

  • identity cards/passport with visas (when required).
  • Proof of a valid insurance policy

Additionally, all participants nominated as “drivers” of a hire car must provide:

  • A valid national and International Drivers licence
  • At least 2 credit cards in the name of the nominated hirer at the vehicle hand-over on the day of the driving tour commencement.

The relevant document details provided are entered on the car hire contract with the participant’s home address and mobile phone number. This contract must then be signed by the participant on delivery of the car.

Law and jurisdiction

This contractual relationship between the participant(s) and Ostpowl Pty Ltd shall be governed exclusively by Australian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian courts. This equally applies to the entire legal relationship.

Payment and data protection

To make your booking we will need to use information you have supplied to us, such as full name, address and dietary requirements, and will need to pass this on to relevant suppliers, hotels, etc. We will only pass on such information as is necessary to make your booking and will retain information no longer than is required. Refer to our “Privacy Policy” published on this website for more details.

Ostpowl Pty Ltd only accept payment for tours via credit card or electronic transfer. Both of these methods are administered by our bankers; we only provide a link and the relevant transaction reference material. Throughout the payment process, Ostpowl Pty Ltd never obtain or stores credit card details. The process of funds movement is wholly completed by the secure inter-banking transfer systems. Refunds are also undertaken by this same secure banking process.

Tours/ Car Rentals Originating in Switzerland 

Due to a May, 2016 EU Customs Regulation, participants residing in the European Union (EU) are not permitted to cross a border from Switzerland into the EU with a Swiss registered car. As such, if the participant is an EU resident and has rented a car in Switzerland, it is their responsibility not to cross a border. Any fines or other costs resulting from an unpermitted border crossing will be the responsibility of the participant in possession of the vehicle.

If you have a complaint

Please refer to our “complaint policy” on this website for more information.

Group Tours/Events

For group tours and customised events, the general terms outlined above apply, with the following exceptions:

  • The franchise deposit for each individual will be based on an equal share of the assessed group tour or event deposit.
  • Unless stated otherwise in the specific tour agreement, fuel/gasoline is not included in the tour cost and will be charged based on overall tour usage. This final cost can be shared equally amongst all participants or charged as a lump sum to an agreed, individual credit card.
  • In the case of unforeseen circumstances relating to the agreed vehicle fleet, Ostpowl Pty Ltd reserves the right to make changes. Any vehicle change will be made to an equivalent or upgraded model and all attempts will be made to provide as much notice of changes as possible.
  • Cancellation terms and conditions are as outlined previously in these terms and conditions unless otherwise stated in the specific group/event agreement.